Monday, June 22, 2009

Giles Spring 2009

As soon as I thought of Giles, I had so many Nanny/Giles related musings. First, Giles at Moschino would totally be my dream pairing of designer to design house. Secondly, I think Giles is more suited to Fran Fine than perhaps any other designer I've featured. (it captures her sense of humor.) Lastly, how insanely good would it be if Katie Grand styled the Nanny? Katie Grand styling and Fran wearing a bunch of Giles would be the best combo ever. Maybe there could be an episode where Giles would do a guest spot and he would be Niles's designer brother, Giles, and they would get into a fight over CC Babcock. Have you guys seen the episode with Fran's cousin Toddy (Todd Oldham)? Consider this the first of many Giles related posts.

Giles Spring 2009 from