Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Nanny Costumes

One of the good things of finally having contact info on the blog is that I get lovely e-mails from people sending me photos of themselves (and their sister, and their husband) dressed up in Nanny costumes for Halloween. Had to share. Amazing!

Jessica in Daytime Fran

Nina in Nighttime Fran

Do I even need to tell you? That tie is SPOT ON!

Thanks for sharing guys! Let me know if you repeat your costumes next Halloween. I can go as Chester the pomeranian, but a sexy pomeranian. (haha.)


  1. These pcitures are so cute!
    the first outfit looks so great!

  2. my friend had aspirations of going as grandma yetta, but he couldn't find a sequin jacket. :(

  3. A Fran sighting on video:

    at the 3:40 mark

    Always lovely

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