Friday, September 11, 2009

fave models....

So as I'm waiting for more Spring Summer 2010 images to pop up and hoping that styles, necklines, and skin tones will match Fran's, I figured I'd do another "behind Should be on the Nanny" post. Sometimes we all like to be a little self-indulgent.
First, I pick a collection that I would like to see Fran or CC wear. Secondly, I try to see if skin tones will match and if not I look for high necklines so that you don't see the difference as much. Lastly, there are certain models that just look really good for Fran or for CC. For Fran, Amanda Laine does really well. If I see she's in the collection, i'll usually go with her look. Imagine my panic when people started inquiring about her whereabouts and wondering if she had retired already. Because CC has short hair it's sometimes hard to photoshop images with the girls with mermaid hair. Asia Bugajska (my new favorite model and clearly Encens's as well. There's like some 30 page editorial in most recent issue just of her) is a good fit for CC. Thanks ladies!

Amanda Laine at Ruffian Fall 2009 from

Asia Bugajska at Matthew Ames Fall 2009 from