Friday, September 4, 2009

Isabel Marant Fall 2009

Isabel Marant Fall 2009 from

I guess I'm getting old but I'm getting really tired of clothes that people can't wear. Don't get me wrong, about two years ago I was still all about the difficult wear. If I ever saw clothes that weren't an assualt on the eye, I'd be like, "ugh, that's soooooo pedestrian." (thanks SAT prep.) Now, I actually recognize how hard it is to make pieces that people will want to wear in their daily lives. I guess I just stopped being a snob and started to recognize the importance and the difficulty of the everyday. That being said, I think Isabel Marant, does a really good job of making wearable pieces that also look luxe without trying too hard. Also, Emanuelle Alt does a great job of styling. (I prefer the work she does with Isabel Marant to what she does with Balmain.) ALSO, for this show she used one of my favorite songs of all time. Don't be scared by the Hitler stash.