Monday, October 4, 2010

Guess What! (part 2)

SOOOooooo. I finally got the update from Kat's Fran Drescher encounter at Eataly. Fran not only knows about my blog, BUT SHE'S SEEN IT TOO. She also gave Kat an update, telling her that a new project is in the works (aiiii!!!) AND she's teaming back up with her Nanny wardrobe stylist (brenda cooper, me thinks?) for said project. It's like the universe is aligning to give me the best birthday present ever?

Anyways, Kat said that she looked stunning in person. Of course. See photo below! btw, no one does a side bun quite like Kat. Truly great.

P.S. Apparently on her way to Eataly or inside Eataly (I can't remember! I was too excited!), she (Kat, not Fran) also encountered a Mr. Aaron Neville.


  1. It must be such an honour for you to know that our star of the show has seen this great blog! I hope that your friend asked Fran when The Nanny Series Four will be out in the UK! I only wish that more people in the UK knew this fantastic series!! People here are more familiar with Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City series than The Nanny. I prefer the Nanny series!! She is so unpredictable. You never knew what outfit she was going to wear ;)

  2. Fran AND Aaron Neville on THE SAME DAY?!?!?! What kind of bizzaro world does this person live in?!

  3. Super Dilettante: I TOTALLY agree. I'm not a big Sex and the City fan. I prefer the original fabulous foursome, Golden Girls.

    Lia: She lives in a wonderfully bizarro world. She's the best!

    Wendy & Wool and Misc: THANKS GUYS!!! I am pretty excited myself (if you can't tell. haha.)