Friday, May 15, 2009

Often the Hos Go For....

Moschino Spring 2009! Bad bad joke. The Nanny was my favorite show when it aired the first time round back in the 90s. I think I was in junior high. I got back into the Nanny around 4 years ago, when I got Lifetime along with Golden Girls and Golden Palace (hellooo, Don Cheadle.) Somehow I stumbled across the fact that they usually dressed Fran in Moschino, and I think some of the it overlaps with when Franco Moschino was at Moschino.

Moschino Spring 2009 from
I kind of haven't been keeping up with Moschino but I'm kind of excited to go through their collections now. I love a good harlequin ruffly look and that look is just made for Fran Drescher. Speaking of Moschino and Fran Fine, how amazing is THIS?!