Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ohne Titel Spring 2008

I was looking for this clip of Fran Drescher and Richard Kind (who I love!) doing the hustle. That was a great episode. If I could redo this scene, I would have Fran Fine wearing Ohne Titel Spring 2008, and the song would be Serge Gainsbourg's "Sea, Sex, and Sun". On a second note, kind of trippy watching the Nanny in German, right?

Also, from that same collection I could see CC wearing this. She's tall enough to pull it off. I love this suit. The pants are amazing.

Ohne Titel Spring 2008 from style.com

This is the song that I will be listening to all summer long. Serge Gainsbourg is just the coolest ever and another style icon for life. He's also just entirely too cool in this video. Hopefully I will never have to pick who I love more, Fran or Serge.

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